Once you Sealit – it’s safe forever

No one can be sure their email account won’t get hacked, but if it happens - Sealit will make your confidential data invisible to every intruder. ​Sealit uses end-to-end encryption to protect your emails and they will remain encrypted forever.​

Even if a third party gains access to both your email account and a device, they still won’t be able to pass the biometric scan via Sealit mobile app. Only you can do that.

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Outlook add-in

We believe in seamless solutions.​ Other email encryption tools require you to have a separate account for sending and reading encrypted emails. ​With Sealit, you can finally have it all in the same Outlook inbox you already use. Thanks to our add-in, the safety of your data is just one click away.

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Biometric decryption​

Protect your emails with a click. Access them within a second. ​To read a Sealit protected email when prompted simply scan your fingerprint or face ID using our app - no need to type in another password. Using biometrics as a second step authentication ensures it is you who is trying to access an email.

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The silent protector

If cyber attacks can be so smooth and subtle that they remain unnoticed, so should be your email ​protection tool. Once you set it up, Sealit will do all the heavy lifting for you and quietly protect your most important asset – your data.

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The game changing click

Complete control over your data can be established in one click. Clicking on a link of a phishing email can give away control to someone else. Even though clicking on a Sealit add-in cannot prevent you from such mistakes, it will keep your data safe even if it happens to you.