The world has changed

Most of our data is now digital. Most of our business communication is online.​ Data protection has become a top priority around the globe as the number of cyber attacks increases rapidly. Keep your business compliant and your reputation flawless – protect your emails and files before they get into the wrong hands. ​

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Get started in 5 minutes

You don’t need an IT department to get started – our intuitive onboarding takes no longer than 5 minutes. ​As soon as you log into your account on the Sealit web portal, the setup tracker will guide you through the steps of the sign-up process.

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Secure inbox

Do you want to view your secured emails separately from the regular ones?​ Simply log into your Sealit account and access a separate mailbox that’s dedicated only to your Sealit protected emails, making sure your data is perfectly organized.​

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Quick file decrypt

​Need to open a Sealit secured file, but the device you are using doesn’t have ​the Sealit desktop app installed? Log into your Sealit account, drag and drop the file to the dedicated field and you will be able to open it in no time. ​

Your most important asset ​

Track access to your emails and files. Authorize email addresses and devices which can be used for accessing your Sealit account.

Have a detailed insight into all activity around your most important asset – your data.

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Your data is yours only 

Unlike other companies offering cyber security for business, we don’t need to store any of your data. Select access controls during setup.

You continue using all of your usual storage solutions; we simply help you secure your emails and files.

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