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Secure Spaces – the first cloud Zero Trust data room

Having your files effortlessly organized and perfectly secure seemed too good to be true until Sealit came along. Our Secure Spaces is the first cloud data room built on a Zero Trust security model and the best thing is – you don’t even need passwords.​

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Integrates with your email

Whenever you send attachments to your clients, they can be automatically pushed to a secure space dedicated only to the client.

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Password-free security

Secure Spaces is linked with the Sealit mobile app that allows your clients to access their spaces without setting up a password.

Version 0

  • Cloud encryption based on the Zero Trust security model

  • Creating secure spaces for internal use within your company

  • All your secure files are effortlessly organized

Version 1

  • Creating Secure Spaces for your clients and sharing files with them

  • Managing and monitoring your clients’ activity

  • Automatically push attachments to a dedicated Secure Space when sending an email to your clients or colleagues

  • 200 MB file size limit in the Secure Spaces portal

  • 20 MB file sizes for email attachments

Version 2

  • Very large files (1GB+) supported both in the Secure Spaces portal and in the integrated email attachment

  • Setting up a self-destruct option for the uploaded files

  • Creating groups to simplify complex access rights management